| Old Town Bucharest | 2012 | B | RO |

The main purpose of the study was to overlay a new volume to a piece of historical urban tissue. This new building's purpose is to house a permanent collection, a temporary exhibit space, an auditorium, research offices and laboratories. This urban area has an extremely pronounced public character, maintained in constant effervescence by the small shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, retail spaces, all opened especially on the ground floors. Referencing this particular aspect, the functional structure of the museum is generated and is focused around the courtyard. Exterior public space, newly designed,  creates a pocket alongside the narrow and crowded Selari Street, and also functions as an honor hall for the entire building.

| Model- aerial E view | Model - aerial S view | Model - aerial N view | Site Plan | Basement Plan | Ground Floor Plan | First Floor Plan | Second Floor Plan | Third Floor Plan |

ADDRESS: Selari Street, Old Town, Bucharest

STATUS: Concept

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