| Onesti County Hospital | 2014 | BC | RO |

The new Emergency Room for the Onesti County Hospital is part of a wider rehabilitation of the existing building. The ER Unit came as a much needed extension of the Hospital in order for the whole facility to better respond to a wider range of medical challenges. In the case of this project, the design process took into consideration the necessities of the patient receiving and emergency treatment mechanism. The entire ensemble works as a highly efficient piece of architectural machinery.

Construction site

| W View | N View | Connection corridor | Ground Floor Plan |

ADDRESS: County Hospital Onesti, Bacau County

COLLABORATORS: S.C. Danco Dee-Sign S.R.L. Bacau

TEAM: arch. Dan Petrusca, eng. Athena Petrusca, arch. Sandra Petrusca, arch. Tudor Gherman 

STATUS: Finalised

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