Dinner TABLE

| Design entry for BIFE SIM Competition | 2012 | III’rd place Winner |

The table has a special symbolism with roots in ancient times. Apart from it’s functional purpose, the dinner table and the idea of the family dining together represents a reason for the young generations to return home and a way for the traditions to be perpetuated. The design aims to rebound the traditions with the contemporary home. In the traditional home one item that was of great importance was the rug. Our ancestors made it to be the floor it’s self, the wall, the table, the place for prayer, the house it’s self. Based on a symmetrical composition, the design of the table is made of a simple wooden belt that surrounds the central area which is inspired by a traditional rug. This area is made of not only of pieces of wood but also of metal striped that mark them and keep them in place for the rug to become the table.

COAUTHORS: arch. Tudor GHERMAN and arch. Matei BACANU

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