| Minovici Museums Bucharest | 2013 | B | RO |

APPROACH: The decisive factor that gave contour to a possible intervention on the chosen site was the great potential of the natural and built context and the rich history of the place it’s self. At the same time, the probable regeneration of the museums and the rebirth of an iconic cultural space in Bucharest.

ATTITUDE: The approach and analysis of the site, in order to find the most appropriate spot for building a new wing for the museums, has constantly brought to light the architectural value of the two museums and also the value of the natural context in which it are so beautifully placed. In light of the thorough analysis of several possibilities for positioning the new building, the obvious conclusion was that the vegetation-free area between the two houses would be the proper place for a subterranean construction, opened only towards the garden and the sky.

DESIGN: Being mostly underground, the new building subtly unravels it’s subterraneous presence by revealing the access pavilion and a poetic terrestrial testimony of a skylight, the stair that goes toward the park but also the belle-vue cornice. The character of the new building resides in the relationship established with the garden and therefore with nature.

EVOLUTION SCENARIO: The implementation of this project implies a set of goals that need to be reached during an extended period of time: structural restoration of the two houses and of the permanent staff house, construction of the new building, gradual regeneration of the existing trees, engagement of the site in the cultural life of the city, engagement of the society in activities that involve children learning activities, art, music, history, and other activities that at the moment lack proper space for happening.

| View from the Park | Reception Area View | Main Exhibit Space View | North Facade | South Facade | N-S Cross Section | E-W Cross Section | Site Plan | Garden Plan | Ground Floor Plan | First Basement Plan | Second Basement Plan | Third Basement Plan | Model Views |

ADDRESS: Nicolae Minovici Street No. 2-4

ACADEMIC ADVISORS: arch. George Mitrache, arch. Dragos Dordea, Arch. ana Maria Machedon, arch. Ioana Tudora (landscape consultant), arch. Irina Popescu Criveanu (hystorical study), eng. Adrian Iordachescu (engeneering consultant)

STATUS: Diploma Project

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