| New York Sky Condo Competition Entry | 2015 | NY | USA |

Having such a limited site area at our disposal, right next to the High Line, we decided to use the maximum footprint possible and build a compact volume that encloses various and complex functions into a building program that we named “The Incubator”. More than half of the built volume is dedicated to the public - starting from street level until +24.00 meters. In order to organize this space we chose to use open platforms situated at different heights and having different functions. The platforms take the visitors into a looping tour of vertical farming examples – vegetables, herbs and spices, exotic trees, fruits and flowers. The connection with the High Line is made at +10.00 meters and the platforms in the Incubator continue in a natural way that idea of a natural urban path.

COAUTHORS: arch. Raluca STURZU, arch. Calin LUPULESCU, arch. Tudor GHERMAN

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